Welcome to Agoura Orthodontics, the top provider of Invisalign on the West Coast! In Southern California, everything is bright and beautiful – even the smiles. Smiles are an important part of who we are and they are with us everywhere we go which is why you must receive orthodontic treatment from the very best team in the area. Dr. Chantelle and her team have been transforming the smiles of countless patients from all over Southern California, which means you have definitely run into a Agoura Smile or two in your life. If you are ready to optimize your smile, contact us today.

Getting orthodontics treatment can feel like a chore or an unpleasant experience. At Agoura Orthodontics, we want to change that perception by making visits with us quick, effective, and fun. We offer a convenient nearby location, right in the heart of Agoura Hills. Call us to schedule your initial consultation today!

Meet the Team

Dr. Chantelle believes in delivering compassionate care to all of her patients. Each patient and family have individual needs and Dr. Chantelle can deliver treatment to fit all lifestyles.

Agoura Orthodontics offers the latest in orthodontic technology and treatment. However, our most valuable asset is our warm, friendly, and knowledgeable team. We select our staff based on their skill set and ability to empathize with our patients to meet their needs. Our team has decades of experience and stays up to date on the latest treatment options by participating in continuing education opportunities. We are always up to date on CPR, sterilization, and radiographic techniques and make your health and happiness our top priority.

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Dr. Chantelle Ghiam
Board Certified Orthodontist

Getting Started


After your free initial consultation, we will help you assess your options and maximize your insurance coverage to lower your out-of-pocket expenses as much as possible. At Agoura Orthodontics, we offer 0% financing with no credit checks.

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Agoura Orthodontics is proud to be the #1 ranked provider of Invisalign on the West Coast and west of the Mississippi. Invisalign makes it possible to perfect your smile without ever having to wear braces!

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Will Invisalign work with my lifestyle?
Do I need to avoid certain foods when wearing Invisalign?
How often do I need to see the orthodontist when undergoing Invisalign treatment?

We answer the most commonly asked questions on our FAQ page so that you’ll feel as prepared as possible to start your smile journey with us!